About Celeste

Celeste has been playing piano since she was 8 years old. She took classical piano lessons for 10 years, but was interested in jazz and pop music, developing her own “left-hand bass” style. There also were major artistic influences in Celeste’s life. Her mother was an Artist and played piano by ear. Her Grandfather was a clothing designer and part time musician.

She particPhotoFunia-136cafcipated in her first talent show at the age of 6 in first grade not having taken lessons yet she boldly told the teacher she could play doe-a-deer. So, in front of an auditorium filled with students, teachers and parents a little star was born. No fear! I guess it was the combination of the Aquarius and strong Leo influence in her astrological chart.

Well the limelight has been no stranger to her. Although not majoring in Music in College she continued to play piano at local restaurants. Her first professional playing job was at the Bum Steer in Bedford, N.Y that paid $26 per night. At the age of 24 Celeste and her brother Ken had an instrumental band together. Ken suggested that Celeste should try to sing a few tunes. Well the only tunes she knew words to were “The Girl From Ipanema”, “Blue Moon” and only partially knew the words to “Misty”. So those are the songs that started it all. Wow she discovered she had a voice. As a young child Celeste used to imitate cartoons, sound effects, and other various noises. One day rehearsing with her brother she made one of her famous trumpet noises on the mike. Ken flipped out and said “lets make it a part of the act”.

Over the years Celeste became well known for her band (The Celeste Trio) in the New York metropolitan Tri-state area playing many Weddings, Civic functions and Clubs.

In the early 90’s Ken moved to Florida. Celeste started playing solo in Manhattan. Her first CD was recorded in 1995. “The New Amsterdames” which was recorded live in the studio with Majolein Keppen (Flute player) whom she met when she sat in to play after a brief introduction from a mutual friend. Majolein lived and lives in Holland. Celeste joined her several times in Holland to play Jazz Festivals. Celeste never took any voice training of any kind, and her voice seems to become more rich year after year. She is as comfortable behind the mike and with her audience as any performer you have ever seen. Ease and fun is what it is all about with Celeste. Her varied styles make it easy for her to put the flavor of various types of music across to her audience; Country music sounds like country. Swing really swings. You never get tired of her voice. It seems to sit in a register that is easy on the ear, yet compelling and captivating.

Recently, Celeste was a contestant in the MS. New York Senior America contest April 3, 2016 she brought down the house of 600 plus at Hafstra University with her performance of ‘All of Me” that included her trumpet, and Louis Armstrong imitations. Celeste won 2nd runner-up and Miss Congeniality.