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Celeste’s New CD


celeste2Was recorded in 2006.  WOW!   This CD was produced by Celeste and includes 14 tunes from all different genres:  Latin, Pop,40’s, 50’s, 60’s, Blues, Broadway, Country, and Swing.   It takes you from mood to mood with ease.   All instruments were played and programmed by Celeste and her recording engineer Lou Giminez.

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1. All of Me 2. Sway 3. My Favorite Year 4. Cheek to Cheek 5. Sister (Color Purple) 6. All That Jazz 7. As If We Never Said Goodbye(Sunset Blvd) 8. Why Haven’t I Heard From You 9. At Last 10. The More I See You 11. Mr. Sandman 12. Hurt 13. Quien Sera (Sway Sung In Spanish) 14. Old Friend

Celeste’s Previously Recorded CD


The New AmsterDames Alive in New York:

Was recorded in 1999.  The songs are a mix of swing and Pop music. It was recorded live in the studio. There was no dubbing.  All the Piano, Lefthand Bass, Vocals, and Trumpet sounds were made by Celeste. cover170x170 The Flute was played by Marjolein.  Marjolein lives in Holland and is a very accomplished Jazz flutist. The trumpet and flute riffs are amazing.

Listen to this Sample, Enjoy:

Link Here To ‘The New AmsterDames Alive in New York’ on itunes

THE NEW AMSTERDAMES 1.You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You 2.Perdido 3.Get Here 4.There’ll Never Be Another You/ The Sweetest Sounds 5.Smooth Operator 6.Moondance 7.Watch What Happens 8.Constant Craving 9.Time After Time/You Stepped Out of a Dream 10.Fly Me To The Moon 11.What Are You Doing the Rest Of Your Life